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    2021适合朋友圈的经典英文带翻译 I’ll think of you every step of the way.

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    1.缺乏自律造成的丑陋不值得同情。不自律造成的丑陋不值得同情。 2.世界的温柔,是晚来的善意和干净的你。The tenderness of the world is the late kindness and clean you。 3.如果闹钟响了,按下去...

    1.因为不自律导致的丑陋,不值得同情。The ugliness caused by unself-discipline is not worthy of sympathy。

    2.世界的温柔,是晚来的善意和干净的你。The tenderness of the world is the late kindness and clean you。

    3.闹钟响了就按继续响铃的人,人生中的事也会一拖再拖。If the alARM clock rings and continues to ring,things in life will be delayed agAIn and again。

    4.愿你有买花的能力,也有被送花的魅力。May you have the ability to buy flowers, also have the charm of flowers。

    5.愿你拥有愉快生活,储存十吨热爱。Wish you a happy life and save ten tons of love。

    6.不如意的时候,就给快乐做加法,给郁闷做减法。When you are unhappy, you add happiness and subtract depression。

    7.我非常爱你,也许超过世上任何一个人爱另外一个人可能达到的程度。I love you very much, probably more than anybody could love another person

    8.万物皆有裂痕,那是光进来的地方。There ARe cracks in everything。 That's where light comes in。

    9.知识也许会被能力代替,但知识里的谈吐和气质是什么也代替不了的。Knowledge may be replaced by abilITy, but nothing can replace the talk and temPErament in knowledge。

    10.未来的日子里,愿你永远年轻,面朝星辰大海,放出万丈光芒。In the future days, may you always young,Facing the ocean, emit radiant light。


    11.优雅就是我们无惧岁月,乘风破浪的力量与底气。Elegance is our strength and confidence to ride the wind and waves without fear of time。

    12.你私底下的每一分努力,都藏在未来每个惊艳的时光里。Every effort you make in private is hidden in every amazing time in the future。

    13.别把你心爱的小朋友弄丢,别人捡到是不会还的。Don't lOSe your beloved children,www.yulumi.cn.they will not be returned if they are found。

    14.我爱看你的笑容,我爱听你的笑话并开心大笑,我爱你温暖的手,还有,我爱你。I love seeing your smile, I love hearing your joke, I love laughing to your jokes, I love your warm hands, and I love you.

    15.若不是情深似海,思念又怎会泛滥成灾。If my love is not as deep as the sea,how can miss be widespread and uncurbed.

    16.当全世界约好一起下雨,让我们约好在心里放晴。When it rains around the world, let's make it clear in our hearts.

    17.爱你如此.痴你如梦。Love you so crazy you dream.

    18.遇你之前,沉迷过往;遇你以后,盘算余生。Before meeting you, indulge in the past. After meeting you, I plan to spend the rest of my life.

    19.这人间烟火 风花雪月太好看 爱恨情仇都浪漫。This world is too beautiful fireworks, love and hate are romantic.

    20.我会想你,在漫漫长路的每一步I’ll think of you every step of the way.

    21.你是年少的喜欢 也是我余生的甜蜜。You are a young love and sweet for the rest of my life.

    22.我希望睡前最后看到的是你。I want to see you before I go to bed.

    23.我原本是叼着烟在小巷堵人的 ,直到遇见你 ,我开始留意橱窗里的白裙子。I was blocking people in the alley with a cigarette in my mouth until I met you. I began to pay attention to the white skirt in the window.

    24.知识也许会被能力代替,但知识里的谈吐和气质是什么也代替不了的。Knowledge may be replaced by ability, but nothing can replace the talk and temperament in knowledge。

    25.世界的温柔,是晚来的善意和干净的你。The tenderness of the world is the late kindness and clean you。

    26.今天的难过就此翻篇,明天的你还要忙着快乐。Today's sad turn this article, tomorrow's you have to be busy happy。

    27. 万物皆有裂痕,那是光进来的地方。There are cracks in everything。 Thats where light comes in。 

    28.知识也许会被能力代替,但知识里的谈吐和气质是什么也代替不了的。Knowledge may be replaced...


    People like rainbows know when they meet. Interesting souls will eventually meet. Before that, try to be a better self.



    When you grow up in the world, sometimes you tell the truth, you have to apologize to others, because you have punctured the truth. So if you want to live smoothly, take your mind with you all the time.


    You're going to be a quiet adult. Do not be emotional, do not secretly miss, do not look back. Live a different life for yourself. Be obedient, not all fish will live in the same ocean.


    Don't care too much about the superficial emotions between people; people who have close acquaintances don't need them; people who have extensive acquaintances don't need them. Emotion, you don't care, it won't hurt you.


    When something goes wrong with your body, you will realize that everything you worry about is fart, you are full, you are idle, and it is more important to live healthily than anything else.


    The reasons for all the weakening of the relationship are not to say, not to ask. One asks embarrassingly, the other answers perfunctorily, does not say, thinks that the other party understands, does not ask, thinks that the other party has changed, and finally becomes speechless from speechless to speechless.


    Never be poor, never be naive. Maturity is only good at hiding, vicissitudes of life are just no tears and injuries.


    Man, with a dream of red mansions, he lives in the world of the Marsh. He wants to make some brothers in Taoyuan in the Three Kingdoms, but he always encounters some devils in his travels to the West.


    The more people do it, the easier it is for you to get out. So many times, you should be grateful to those who don't care about you. No sorrow is greater than death, and no luck is more complete than death.


    Some things, not the thicker the better, to be just right. Deep words, we say shallowly, the long road we take slowly.


    Your kindness should be left to those who know how to be grateful, not to those who take your kindness for granted and want to be dissatisfied.


    Every night can be clean, safe, exhausted to sleep; every day can be refreshing, calm, energetic wake up, this is the best life.


    Vulnerable people will lobby their misfortunes everywhere. Strong people will only be more and more quiet.


    Fall in love a few months to had thought for a lifetime, the friend is good to you a bit you want to come and go all one's life, parwonder you are injured so much, this is the price that innocent gives you.


    If the person I care about is cold and hot to me, and I feel the gain and loss, then I will choose to leave, because I do not have so much patience to taste the feeling of gain and loss.


    This short life, we will eventually lose. You might as well be bold, love a person, climb a mountain, chase a dream.



    It takes a moment to reach out, but it takes many years to hold hands. Whoever you meet, he is the person in your life. It's no accident. If you don't owe each other, how can you meet each other?


    When I was a child, I thought that the most romantic thing was that one person went a long way to see another person. Now I understand that the most romantic thing is that no matter how far a person goes, he thinks of the same person in his heart.


    The so-called poems and distant places, but to get through the present, can have.


    Time is the most deceptive, but also let you understand that there is nothing in the world that can not be lost, leaving is the scenery, leaving behind is life, to the end, is the right person.


    Everyone is the same, there is a period of time alone, long or short, which is unavoidable. Don't always feel empty, rest assured, a moment of loneliness just means you deserve better.


    It's better to use the time of loneliness to make oneself better, surprise the people and give oneself a good account.


    Time is like a big sieve, which can withstand filtering and think it's a good friend to play with. Maybe it's not as good as you think. Only after the test of time, people will see each other for a long time, and finally stay, is the real friend.


    Someday, your edges and corners will be smoothed by the world. You will no longer be angry and sad about trifles, nor resentful about some trifles. You will pull out the thorns, you will learn to smile at the people you hate, become quiet, you will become a quiet person.